Sunday, July 11, 2010

Backlit Street Light at Canada Place

Walking on the upper level at Canada Place in Vancouver, BC I noticed this street light. I liked the "pointy things" on top that keep birds from perching on it. The setting sun behind it gave it a glow as well as kind of a silhouette effect.

Drain Pipe Design in Seattle

We were walking back to our car from Pike Street Market in Seattle when I noticed this creative design made of black drain pipe on a brick building. It also had plants growing out of it! I loved the contrast of color and shape against the brick.

Kirtland Temple

This is just a "postcard" shot of this beautiful building in Kirtland, Ohio. I walked around for almost an hour taking different angles of the Temple until I got this one. I like that there are just the beginning of leaves emerging from the trees so the building was not obscured.

Kirtland Temple--Rear View

This is a different perspective of the rear of the Temple. The shadows of the trees on the wall make this shot interesting to me. You rarely see photos from this view.